Tips for Eating Healthy During Pregnancy.

by in Health Tips, Pregnancy November 21, 2018

Usually what you eat can determine what how healthy your baby will when he/she is born. Here are some tips and guideline which you can find useful.

  1. Never skip breakfast. Always start your morning with something light like Wholegrain cereal. Fortified cereal is known to contain more nutrients like calcium.
  2. Eat fiber containing foods like carrots, cooked greens, banana, beans and melon. Fibre can help to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.
  3. It is normal to snack sometimes but it is important to choose healthy snacks. Wholegrain crackers and low fat yogurt are a healthy choice. Fruits like apples can serve as a snack.
  4. Always compliment your diet with prenatal vitamins with contains folic acid and iron every day. We recommend Repro Care. Which can be found in reputable pharmacies Nationwide
    ReproCare for healthy pregnancy

    ReproCare for healthy pregnancy


  5. Avoid under-cooked beef, sausages as they carry bacteria can hurt your unborn child.
  6. Eat at least 2 average meals every day. As make sure they contain fish low in mercury like catfish, salmon and tuna (not white tuna as it contains high levels of mercury)
  7. Last but not the least. Limit caffeine and alcohol. But definitely drink more water.

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